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estimates & Insurance

With over 30 years experience, allow Palmetto Paint and Body Works to take care of your vehicle repair and dealing with the insurance company directly. We know getting a car repaired can be stressful, but that's what we are here for.


If you have had an accident, by law you are allowed to select the repair location of your choice. The insurance company cannot direct you to a specific location as well as you no longer are required to get 3 estimates.

We will work directly with the insurance adjuster at our repair location to be sure your vehicle is completely repaired to manufacturer specifications.

We can set direct you to a rental car facility close by and make arrangements to have them pickup the rent car once your car is repaired.

What happens if you get multiple estimates and they are different? The least expensive may not include all the required and necessary repairs. We will work with the adjuster to be sure ALL repairs are taken care of as well as if any hidden damage after it is adjusted, to get approval for that repair as well.

All our estimates are free including a Preliminary if you choose to send us a request along with 2 photos to or use the upload feature below in the form, and we will give you an idea of the damage. 

Preliminary Estimate Request
Actual cost will be presented once we see the vehicle for a full inspection and/or once the insurance adjuster reviews the vehicle for full repair.
Upload File

Thank you for your interest, we will review and get back to you as soon as possible

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